PMI - Passion for property management!

Who is PMI Curacao?
PMI Curacao is specialized in property management for vacation homes.

Property Management Incorporated has more than 400 offices worldwide and is responsible for managing over 15,000 properties. Because we work with proven systems, we achieve the maximum return on investment for you as the property owner.

We advertise the properties on 50+ websites so that your vacation home can be easily found online which results in higher occupancy rates.

PMI arranges bookings, payments, check-in/out, cleaning, and maintenance of the home. The owner receives an overview of the bookings and income every month and has access to a portal that offers even more live information. As an owner, you are always free to stay in your property whenever you like!

As a professional property management organization we pride ourselves in the transparency to our clients and the adherence to all applicable laws and regulations with regards to property management. In setting up our organization we worked diligently with our banks, tax advisors and the Curacao tax office to make sure all requirements are met. We utilize a third-party funds foundation and bank account to ensure your funds will never be at risk. 

For whom?
You are a property owner on Curacao and are looking for someone to fully manage it while also making a nice return on your investment.

When we say we manage your property, we mean it. You will never have to deal with things like cleaning, maintenance, or guest complaints. We take care of the properties just as well as the guests. We make sure the house looks, smells, and feels nice while providing a top-tier vacation rental service for your guests

You pay a percentage of the rental income to PMI so we can only be successful when you are successful. There are extra property management options like arranging maintenance and taking care of the cleaning. This guarantees 100% commitment from PMI to rent out your home as often as possible for the best possible nightly price - this way we achieve the best return for both you and PMI. Your success is our success.

What does PMI do for you?
  • vacation rental-specific interior design and furniture advice
  • professional photos and text
  • advertise on 50+ vacation rental websites
  • handling all bookings and payments
  • check-in/out of guests
  • collect and pay tourist tax
  • home inspections
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • actively recruiting reviews and posting them online
  • marketing of your property on social media and conventional channels 

5 reasons to choose PMI
  • We take care of everything
  • We are available to guests 24/7  so they can enjoy a wonderful holiday.
  • Higher occupancy because of our active marketing and utilization of all 50+ vacation rental websites
  • Higher nightly rate - because of the good reviews, exceptional standards, and 24/7 service
  • The value of your property increases - through continuous maintenance and good rental results.

Sounds good? Call us today at +5999 - 662 8008 or send an email to: