ABC Villa Rentals offers

Targeted exposure
We reach potential guests who are already interested in a stay on one of the ABC Islands and would prefer to stay in a home, rather than a hotel.

Locally run
This website is run by locals, which means we know the destination as no other and therefor know exactly how to promote the destination and your property.

Total control
You have total control over how you handle your bookings, we get you the audience, you get to do the rest.

No commissions
You don’t have to pay us a commission or a set fee per booking you make through us. So every penny you make on a reservation is all yours. You just pay us an annual subscription fee, based on the number of properties you list on ABC Villa Rentals.

Our Fees:

Number of Properties
1 2 3 4 5 or more
per year
per year
per year
per year
per year

Example A
Mr. Smith owns 2 properties, one house on Aruba and an apartment on Bonaire. He wishes to list both properties on ABC Villa Rentals, so his annual subscription fee is $ 449 per year.

Example B
A company on Curaçao owns a small scale resort. This resort consists of 3 studio’s, 1 one-bedroom apartment and 3 two-bedroom apartments. In this case they have a choice to list all separate properties in which case they pay $ 899 per year, or to list 1 studio, 1 one bedroom apartment and 1 two bedroom apartment, in which case they will pay $ 599 per year.

How does our listing process work
If you are interested in listing your property with ABC Villa Rentals please contact us via or call +5999 6909225. We have created an intake form which you can fill out by yourself or with our help. We would be happy to set up an appointment with you.

How will taking a booking work:
Once your listing page has been created and your property has been verified by one of our Holiday Rental Specialists, you are ready to receive requests through our website.

When a potential guest is interested in your property they send an availability/booking request through our website. You will receive this email and the customer receives a copy of their request along with your details.

Next you check if your property is indeed available and confirm the booking to the guest. From now on all communication about the request, booking, payment and check-in/check-out will be between you and the guest.