PMI - Passion for property management!

Who is PMI Curacao?


PMI Curacao is specialized in property management for vacation homes.


It is a franchise of Property Management Incorporated, with more than 400 offices worldwide and responsible for managing thousands of properties. Because we work with proven systems, we achieve the maximum return on investment for you as a property owner.


We advertise your property on 50+ websites so that your vacation home can be easily found online and is therefore often booked.


PMI arranges bookings, payments, check in/out, cleaning and maintenance of the home. The owner receives an overview and the net income every month. As owner you can of course also use the home yourself!


For whom?


You own a property on Curacao and want to rent it out to vacationers without having to deal with it every day.


PMI takes care of bookings, payments and your home. You don't have to do anything yourself and you make a nice return on your investment.




You pay a percentage of the rental income to PMI so we only earn when you earn. This guarantees 100% commitment from PMI to rent out your home as often as possible for the best possible nightly price - in this way we achieve the best return for both you and PMI. Your success is our success.


What does PMI do for you?

  • advice for furnishing a home
  • professional photos and text
  • advertise on 50+ websites
  • all bookings and payments
  • check in/out of guests
  • collect and pay lodging tax
  • home inspections
  • cleaning and maintenance
  • actively recruiting reviews and posting them online

5 reasons to choose PMI

  1. We take care of everything - you don't have to do anything yourself as the owner.
  2. We are available to guests 24/7 - they can enjoy a wonderful holiday.
  3. Higher occupancy - because we place your property on 50+ websites.
  4. Higher nightly price - because everything in the home is always in top shape.
  5. The value of your property increases - through continuous maintenance and good rental results.

Sounds good? Call us today at +5999 - 662 8008 or send an email to: