Rainy days in Curacao; Adventures when the sun disappears!

Rainy days in Curacao; Adventures when the sun disappears!

Curacao is known for its beautiful beaches, clear blue sea and lots of sunshine. But even on this paradise island, rainy days can appear from time to time. Fortunately, a little rain in Curaçao doesn't mean your entire vacation falls into the water. There are plenty of fun activities to enjoy when the sun temporarily disappears. Here are some ideas to fill your rainy days in Curaçao:

1: Visit Museums/Galleries:
Curaçao has a rich history and culture which you can explore in one of the island's many museums and art galleries. The Curaçao Museum, the Tula Museum, and the Kura Hulanda Museum are some of the top choices to learn more about the island's history and slavery. For art lovers, there are several galleries where you can admire local and international art. Our personal favorite to admire the finest art is at Landhuis Jan Kok, Nena Sanchez Gallery

2: Seaquarium
Although you might not dive into the sea on a rainy day, you can still enjoy the underwater world that Curaçao has to offer. The island has a large Seaquarium where you can come face to face with sharks, sea turtles and brightly colored fish.

3: Go shopping in one of the indoor shopping malls
The island has several indoor shopping malls with entertainment for young and old on a rainy day. The largest and most popular is Sambil. Here you will find many international stores such as Calvin Klein and Adidas in well as a bowling lanes and a cinema. Shopping center Renaissance and Suiker Tuinintje are alternatives.

4: Relax in a Spa or Wellness center
A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself at one of Curaçao's many spas and wellness centers. Enjoy a relaxing massage, facial, or just immerse yourself in a Jacuzzi while listening to the rain on the roof. For the ultimate Spa & Wellness experience, we recommend visiting the The 8 experience.

5: Learn about Liquor at Country House Chobolobo
Visit Landhuis Chobolobo, home of the famous Blue Curaçao liqueur. Here you can take a guided tour and learn how this tasty liqueur is produced, of course you can also taste it.

6: Taste the Local Cuisine in Restaurants
Curaçao has diverse cuisines with influences from all over the world. A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to go on a journey of culinary discovery. Dive into the world of local delicacies at Marche Bieu Or go for lunch/dinner at one of the many restaurants where you can also sit covered.

Keep in mind while doing any of these activities that the sun is never far away on this beautiful island and in no time you can be back on the beach to enjoy a cocktail!

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