10 reasons to visit Curacao

Curacao is the last island in the ABC islands, and it is the one with the most commercial and economic power of all 3 of them. Although it is the most industrialized one, it also has amazing sceneries, a lot of activities going on and incredible places worth visiting.

Here is a list of 10 reasons to visit Curacao:

Its beaches – this island has about 30 beaches all over the places, making it the Paradise for a person who loves to sunbath and the water. You can opt for a more intimate place surrounded by cliffs. Or, if you are more of a crowd person, you can always go to Mambo beach, the place with massages, a disco, and a cocktail service.

Willemstad – this is the capital city of Curacao, but also a business center and a cultural one. Not only you will see how the Dutch influenced this city, but you will also see the Spanish influences in this place. The architecture here is marvelous, transforming this spot into a “Must See” one.
Diving – Curacao is also known to be one of the best diving places in the world. With over 65 diving sites and quality snorkeling, this island is a great location for divers all around the world, looking for an amazing experience. Explore the underwater of Curacao and gain a new perspective on this island’s richness.

Beautiful sceneries and surroundings – if you want an incredible view, climb the peak located in Christoffel Park and enjoy that scenery over the whole island.

Nightlife – Curacao is full of life during the night. This island has jazz clubs, places where you can learn to dance salsa, casinos and many other spots where you can have a lively nightlife and enjoy a nice evening out, dining or enjoy yourself with a couple of friends.
Marine life – the Curacao Sea Aquarium offers its visitors an up and close personal experience with the marine life. You can even feed and swim with the dolphins!

Blue cocktails – for a fantastic experience, Curacao offers you this blue liqueur, extracted from the Lahara The liqueur is part of many famous cocktails on the island, being somehow its signature drink. Locals and tourists absolutely love it.

Diverse cuisine – Curacao has French, Asian, Swiss and many other types of cuisines for people who are interested in challenging their taste buds.

Shopping – Boutiques are lined down the street, selling Dutch items and goods, such as Edam cheese, designer clothes, and many other items. Shopping is more of a cultural experience here.

Musicians – there are plenty of incredibly talented musicians on this island. They create the relaxing atmosphere in this place, assuring you of a quiet, calm trip.

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