Top 5 Art Galleries to Visit

Curaçao is a vibrant island where art comes to life between the breathtaking landscapes and the rich culture. In this blog, we’ll take a deeper look at four art galleries that show some of the best of Curaçao’s art scene. From modern exhibits to traditional masterpieces, each gallery offers a unique perspective on the island and its talented artists.

1. Serena’s Art Shop

Maybe you don't know this art gallery by its name, but you probably know the sculpture they are known for, the Chichi. Chichi stands for the dynamic and responsible older sister. The sculpture was invented by German-born artist Serena Janet Israel. At first, Serena painted each Chichi herself, but as demand grew, she had to expand her team. Currently, she now has 92 painters! In addition to the fact that there are painters working in the art gallery, you can also buy the sculptures there. 
Windstraat, Gomezplein Punda

2. Saja

Saja is a new small art gallery that stands next to the Chichis. The artist used to be a painter of these sculptures but has recently started for herself. The figurines sold here are made from various residual wastes. For example, the 'bodies' of the statues are made from old plastic bottles and the hairs from old rope. The proceeds partly go to the foundation of the founder, Stichting Bijzondere Vrouw. This foundation contributes to the economic growth in Curaçao by offering women the opportunity to gain experience in the retail industry.
Windstraat, Gomezplein Punda

3. Happy Paintings - Renate Rolefes

Happy Paintings is a local art shop owned by artist Renate Rolefes. Renate has followed various art courses in the Netherlands and since 2018 her art has been given a Caribbean touch. The characteristic of her paintings is that they are cheerful and colorful with a touch of humor. In addition to her paintings, you can also find cards, posters, and clothing here!

Colombusstraat 4, Punda

4. Signs & Crafts Curaçao

If you are in Curaçao, you probably have not missed the driftwood signs. These signs are well-known souvenirs on the island. At Signs and Crafts Curaçao, you can go if you want to buy a sign or have a sign painted. There are several painters here who paint driftwood signs with everything and anything, but Shirley Wimpel is the owner. In addition, you can also ask if they make a personalized sign for you with, for example, a company logo or the names of your family. In addition to these signs, they also make other types of souvenirs such as magnets.

Middenstraat 1, Punda

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