Quarantine House

If you want to learn more about the history of the island during your stay on Curaçao, then a visit to the Quarantine House is definitely something that should be put on your to-do list!

Entrance fee: free
Opening hours: no opening hours
Recommendation: visit by car as it's faster and the bus can be unreliable

History of the Quarantine House in Curaçao

Back in the day, Curaçao was an important stopping place for trading ships between Europe and America. It is therefore not surprising that in 1874 the Caracas Bay area was declared a quarantine station for sailors. As a result, the Quarantine House was eventually built in 1883. Upon the arrival of the passengers, they were forced to stay in the Quarantine House to protect the health of the local population from diseases from outside. The passengers had to stay here until it was determined that they were no longer contagious. Ships coming from countries where diseases such as cholera and smallpox were prevalent, were obliged to quarantine for 10 to 40 days.

Myth of the Quarantine House

If the passengers died during their stay in the Quarantine House, their bodies would be thrown off the cliff into the ocean. It is said that the ghosts of those deceased passengers still wander and haunt the building. As many people in Curaçao are religious, more than 80% are catholic, they do not take any risks and, therefore, stay away from the building.

Area Nowadays

Nowadays, the building is dilapidated and vandals have been busy with graffiti. The upper floor is closed due to the unstable floor. However, the foundation that stands there is still special to see. Moreover, the area has a special viewpoint. If you go behind the Quarantine House towards the bushes, you will see a small stone pillar with the text ‘Tugboot view’ written on it. If you follow the trail, you will end up on top of a cliff with a beautiful view of Tugboat Beach.

You will probably go through the building quite quickly as it is not that large. That is why it can be nice to combine the Quarantine House with a visit to Fort Beekenburg and end the day with a swim at Tugboat Beach.

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