Fort Beekenburg

Another activity to do while in Curaçao is visiting Fort Beekenburg. Even though Curaçao is, of course, well known for its pearly white beaches and incredible underwater world, it also holds a rich history, and this fort is a landmark in Curaçao. Therefore, Fort Beekenburg is a must-see if you have planned a vacation to this beautiful island.  

Entrance fee: Free
Opening hours: no opening hours
Recommendation: come by car as it is faster and the bus can be unreliable

History of Fort Beekenburg on Curaçao

Fort Beekenburg was built in 1703 on the Caracasbaaiweg, facing the Spanish Water. The fort was placed here as it was one of the few places where one could easily go ashore from the sea. With the fort in place, it became more difficult for enemies to enter Willemstad. The building is named after then-governor Nicolaas Beek who was responsible for the city's defense. The stones used for the construction were retrieved from the Waal area and brought from the Netherlands as ballast. Once arrived at Curaçao, the stones were replaced for goods.

In the 18th century, there were several attacks by the English, French, and pirates, but these were stopped by the fort. However, the English succeeded in occupying Curaçao twice, both from 1800 to 1803 and 1807 to 1816.

The Fort Beekenburg Area

Between 1927 and 2005, the area was owned and operated by Shell. Nowadays, the area is freely accessible to everyone. After parking your car downstairs, walk up a stone staircase through a wooden gate. Clear hiking trails have been created here that leads to the ruins. In addition to the tower, which resembles a chess piece, you will also find a water reservoir, wall remnants of a cottage, and a platform with battlements where a few cannons stand. To go on the platform, you must walk up another stone staircase. An interesting fact is that this staircase did not exist before. They probably used a wooden ladder that could be raised. When you finally enter the fort, you will find a bolted-down wooden ladder leading you to the top of the tower. Once at the top, you have a beautiful view over the Spanish Water.

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