Mermaid Klein Curacao

Discover Klein Curaçao with Mermaid Boat Trips: A Day Trip to Paradise
Curaçao, a jewel in the Caribbean Sea, is home to a hidden treasure called Klein Curaçao. For travelers looking for a day of sun, sea and adventure, a day trip with Mermaid Boat Trips is the ultimate choice. With a stable boat and a comfortable beach house, Mermaid provides high levels of comfort.

Preparation and Departure:
The day begins early as you gather at the Mermaid Boat Trips departure location. Wear light, comfortable clothing accompanied by a hat and plenty of sunscreen to brave the Caribbean sun. The crew will be ready to welcome you aboard the comfortable boat.
During the leisurely one and a half hour boat ride, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the azure blue sea. While the wind blows through your hair, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea to start the day.

Arrival at Klein Curaçao:
Upon arrival on the island, surrounded by crystal clear waters and an idyllic white sandy beach, you will be greeted by the distinctive lighthouse. Once you arrive, the day begins with a briefing at the beach house the guide will give instructions for the day and tell you about the highlights that await you.

Exploration of Klein Curaçao:
For lovers of the underwater world, Mermaid Boat Trips provides snorkeling equipment. Take a refreshing dip in the azure waters and discover the colorful coral and diverse marine life that Klein Curaçao is home to.
For those who prefer to relax on dry land, the white sandy beach offers the ideal place to sunbathe and enjoy the serene surroundings. Don't forget to take a walk to admire the lighthouse up close.

Culinary Indulgence:
In addition to a fully catered breakfast when you arrive on the island, a bell rings around noon to let you know that lunch is ready. Lunch consists of various cuts of meat and chicken from the bbq as well as a variety of fruits and salads. The booking includes everything except alcoholic beverages.

Return to Curacao:
After free time on the island everyone gathers according to the guide's instructions for the return trip. As the sun slowly sets on the horizon of the Caribbean Sea, the boat trip back to Curaçao offers a perfect conclusion to this unforgettable day. With a little luck, it is even possible to spot dolphins or whales on the way back.

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