Exploring Landhuis Chobolobo in Willemstad, Curaçao

Exploring Landhuis Chobolobo in Willemstad, Curaçao

Curaçao is a beautiful Caribbean island with a rich history and culture. In the heart of its capital city, Willemstad, there's a special place called Landhuis Chobolobo. This old house has a fascinating story to tell, and it's all about Curaçao's past and a famous drink.

A Peek into the Past
Landhuis Chobolobo is an old house that was built back in the 19th century when plantations were a big part of life on the island. These houses were where the owners of the plantations and their families lived. Today, Chobolobo is one of the few old houses that's still standing.

Where Blue Curaçao Was Born
What makes Landhuis Chobolobo unique is its connection to the world-famous Blue Curaçao liqueur. The special ingredient in this drink is the laraha orange, which only grows in Curaçao. A long time ago, Spanish people brought this orange to the island, but it turned bitter. However, the dried peel of this fruit had a fantastic smell that was perfect for making liqueur.

In the early 20th century, a distillery called Senior & Co. moved into Landhuis Chobolobo, and that's where the famous Blue Curaçao liqueur is made using a secret recipe. So, this old house is like the birthplace of a world-famous drink!

A Step Back in Time
When you visit Landhuis Chobolobo, it's like taking a trip back in time. During a tour of the distillery, you get to see how they make the liqueur, from drying the laraha peels to putting it in bottles. They still use old machines and tools that have been around for a long time, but they also use modern methods to make sure the drink is really good.

Tasting and Shopping
A visit to Landhuis Chobolobo isn't complete without trying the liqueur. Besides the classic Blue Curaçao, you can taste different versions, like green, orange, and even chocolate Curaçao. They also have a little store where you can buy a bottle of your favorite liqueur or get some souvenirs to remember your visit.

Guided Tours
If you take a guided tour of Landhuis Chobolobo, local experts will tell you all about the history of the distillery and Curaçao. You'll even get to try some yummy cocktails made with the liqueur, and don't forget to taste the locally made ice cream – it's delicious!

Landhuis Chobolobo is like a time capsule that holds Curaçao's history, culture, and the secret of a famous drink. It's a place where you can experience the past and taste the flavors of the island. A visit to this special old house is a journey into the heart of Curaçao's story.

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Practical Information

Standaard Tour: 15 USD 
- Includes 1 cocktail or 1 alcohol-free drink

Deluxe Tour: 25 USD
- Includes 1 cocktail or 1 non-alcoholic drink
- Includes 1 locally made ice cream

Cocktail Workshop: 45 USD
- Including 1 welcome cocktail
- Includes 2 cocktails during the Cocktail Workshop

Children up to 12 years can enter for free

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