Golf on Curacao

Curaçao has established itself in recent years as an excellent destination for golf lovers looking not only for sunny weather, but also for breathtaking ocean views while enjoying their favorite sport. With three outstanding golf courses on the island, it's no wonder Curaçao has become a golfing paradise.

Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort:
Located directly on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort offers golfers a spectacular setting with luxuriant tropical flora along the fairways. This golf course has character, challenges and wonderful surprise suitable for players of all skill levels. The landscape consists of elevation changes, rocky formations, sandy stretches and, of course, magical sea views. An unforgettable highlight is hole 5, where you must take a bold long shot over the open sea.

Old Quarry at Sandals Resort:
Designed by renowned architect Pete Dye, the Old Quarry golf course winds gracefully between the calm blue Caribbean Sea, rolling slopes, the hills of Tafelberg and sheltered Spanish Water. The course's unique charm is in its harmonious blend of rugged terrain, mountainous vistas, coastal beauty and tranquil bays. With its 18-hole Par 72 layout, it offers a challenging but rewarding golfing experience.

Curaçao Golf and Squash Club:
The Curaçao Golf and Squash Club, although relatively small, offers an oasis of tranquility. The 18-hole par 70 course has ten perfectly maintained greens in a picturesque and serene setting. Here you will find rare trees and the lively presence of wildlife, including wild birds, parrots and iguanas.

Curacao Golf-Pass:
For golfers who want to explore all three of these remarkable courses, the Curacao Golf Pass is the key. This pass gives one-time access to each of these different golf destinations and can be easily acquired at the front desk at each of the three locations.

In Curacao, golf is not just a sport; it is a journey through breathtaking landscapes, a chance to test your skills and a chance to immerse yourself in the natural beauty that this island paradise has to offer. Experience golfing like never before in the heart of the Caribbean, where sun, sea and fabulous golf courses await you.

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Practical Information

At all 3 courses you must register your arrival in advance through the website.

Blue Bay Golf and Beach Resort: 

Location: Landhuis Blaauw z/n, Willemstad, Curaçao
Opening Hours: 07:00 - 19:00
18 hole- Par 72 course

Old Quarry at Sandals Resort: 
Location: Santa Barbara Plantation, Curaçao
Opening Hours: 06:30 - 17:00
18-hole Par 72 course

Curacao Golf and Squash Club: 
Location: 11 Wilhelminalaan, Willemstad, Curaçao
Opening Hours: 06:00 - 19:00
18-hole par 70 course

3 Course Golf Pas! 
Price: US $ 295

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