Curacao Island Hike's

Tips and Tricks
The sun can shine very brightly here on the island. Be sure to bring enough water and sunscreen. But not only water is crucial for your trip. Remember to wear solid, comfortable walking shoes that will support your feet on the rocky terrain. Last but not least, make sure you are aware of the terrain beforehand, so you don't get lost in an unknown area.

Seru Mateo Trail (Porto Marie)
This hike location is perfect to combine with a day at Porto Marie's beautiful beach. Behind the parking lot is a gate that provides access to the area of Seru Mateo. During the hike, you can choose different routes that lead to lookout points where you can overlook the stunning coastline on the west side of the island. You should set aside about an hour for the hike. After this hike, you can grab your swimsuits and go for a well-deserved and refreshing swim in the turquoise blue sea of Porto Marie.

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Practical Information

Seru Mateo Hike:
Location: Porto Marie Beach
Opening Hours: 09:30 / 18:30

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