Museum Kura Hulanda

Another thing to do when you are in Willemstad is visit the Kura Hulanda Museum,
which is located in the historic Otrobanda neighborhood. its a tribute to the past. Here, in
this place where Dutch traders traded and shipped African people alongside other goods during the transatlantic slave trade. Otrobanda's current ambiance is characterized by picturesque houses and colorful wall paintings that decorate the streets. It is a magical place with plenty of eating places where you can enjoy food and drinks.

The Exhibition:
For those with a passion for art, culture and history, the Kura Hulanda Museum is an unmissable experience. This museum holds some of the most impressive works of art from the period of slavery and takes a close and honest look into this history. When you enter, you will step into a room where you can learn about the various African tribes and their rich traditions.

Then the museum visualizes the lives of those who were enslaved on Curaçao's plantations. This storyline is strengthened by plenty of objects that come directly from that period. Also, the museum pays attention to the uprising of the enslaved who resisted slavery imposed on them by Western powers in 1795. This uprising finally led to the abolishment of slavery in 1863.

In short, the exhibition creates a confrontational but impressive overview of slavery history and highlights the central role Curaçao played in the transatlantic slave trade.

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Practical Information

Klipstraat 9, Otrobanda

Entrance fee:
18 Antillean guilders

Opening hours: 09:00–17:00
(Sunday 10:00–16:00)

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